When hockey is on

Hockey. My newly discovered interest. What is so satisfying about watching a hockey game?

For me, it is the sound of the puck gliding on the ice from one stick to another. This soft, dull, clattering sound of rubber (puck), wood (stick), and ice is extremely soothing. It makes me feel fuzzy inside. It is so unique and recognizable that hockey itself becomes one of a kind only because of this sound. For some people, the sound of the ocean is the most comforting. Others, for instance, love the beat of the rain against the window. I love the sound of puck tossed, passed, bounced, hit, and deflected off the post. When hockey is on, all the daily sounds fade and recede into the background. I do not check my phone if a message rings. I do not hear the neighbour doing a power workout and making ridiculously loud breathing sounds. I stop noticing the sound of the dishwasher machine. For this moment, the game is in you. You are the game. As Eckhart Tolle says, it it the now moment. It is the hockey time.

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