Are you happy?

What is happiness for you?

It is a loaded question. It can take a person into uncharted corners of the consciousness, from where it might be hard to find the way back. You can get lost while asking yourself this question. You can start questioning the meaning of everything in your life. Am I happy? What truly makes it different? When, where, and with whom am I the happiest?

Sometimes I feel I am obsessed with this search for happiness. When I look at strangers in the street, I always mentally imagine their life and ask the same question: Is this person truly happy? When driving and passing houses, I peek in their windows for a second and wonder: is this family happy? Have they found the key to a happy life?

My mom says happiness is fleeting. It finds you in the spontaneous moments of life. She describes it as a short feeling of total harmony and satisfaction, when at this moment there is nothing else needed. The feeling comes and goes, but it never disappears forever. It always reminds us of its existence. That is why those moments are so precious. After all, we always want what we do not have at the moment.

Unlike my mom, some people think that happiness should be a permanent state of mind. It should always be within you. Despite problems and obstacles, this inner resilience to negativity and unhappiness will help you overcome anything. Almost like a superpower.

Whatever happiness is, it is a mysterious thing for me. I am still looking for answers. At this very moment, I am happy because I am writing this blog. I am happy when words appear on the screen effortlessly, without my thinking too much. It almost feels like they come from the heart, not the mind.

Because I love writing, I have just received one of the best birthday presents in my life: the original German typewriter from the 1960s. And it is functional! Below I am attaching my first attempt at typing at it. It is very embarrassing how many mistakes I made while typing. I have realized that one has to be so completely focused when using old school typewriters. Focus, focus, focus. Each letter, every word, every single line. There are no second chances. There are no options to erase, delete, come back, or create a new sentence. One click. One chance. This is the real moment of writing. The “now” moment. And you live in this moment. You are completely happy…

My first experience with a typewriter. Many mistakes (including grammar!), typos, and formatting issues, but so much fun!

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