What makes you smile?

On this sunny day, I want to write about little things that make a huge difference in our life. If instead of projecting a bigger picture of life, we start focusing on a smaller frame of things – would it make any changes in us? What if instead of looking at the world through a telescope and seeing the far-away stars we want to reach, we have a microscope and try to pay more attention to the things under our nose, things that often remain unnoticeable? What would change?

What little things can I remember about the last week? The two breathtaking parallel rainbows after a heavy rain in the city. An incredibly friendly post office assistant helping me with the parcel delivery. The feeling of absolute satisfaction after a good interview. The look on my boyfriend’s face when eating my first-time made chocolate lava cake. The deeply emotional journey I’ve been experiencing while reading Andrew Sean Greer’s novel Less. The taste of bitter, crisp coffee on a Friday morning and sweet, fruity ice wine on a Friday evening. The sound of a long-forgotten song that touches all the corners of your soul. The cutest photo of a barbet or labradoodle puppy on Instagram. The voice of your best friend on the phone. A caring message from your mom. The smell of summer in the air. The green coat of the trees. A blinding sunlight. A cloudless, crispy clean sky. A white page. A paragraph. A half sentence. And a satisfying full stop.

If you start remembering things that have put even a small smile on your face during a week, you will be surprised how much happens on a small scale. Combined together, the precious moments make our days, weeks, and years. They make a difference. They make us smile.

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