saying YES

Can we try to live a month or week of YES? Instead of jumping to refusal, denial or negative answer, can we react positively to everything that happens to us?

Can we say YES to an early beeping sound of our alarm clock and agreeing to wake up right away without hitting the snooze button?

Can we say YES to any shirt that we grab in the closet without changing our minds or being unhappy about the way it looks on us?

Can we say YES to a healthy breakfast with oatmeal without rushing though the morning and buying some bun or muffin on the way to office?

Can we say YES to the cold and fresh breeze and take a deep breath of cold air without blaming the weather for the summer to be over?

Can we say YES to a terrible traffic on the way to work and use this time to meditate instead of getting frustrated and honking at a driver who jumps in front of us?

Can we say YES to the start of the work day without thinking of the long hours till we can go home?

Can we say YES to any favor being asked from us without assuming it to be a burden but being grateful to help someone?

Can we say YES to a pile of emails in our mailbox without ignoring them and forgetting to answer?

Can we say YES to our friend’s invitation for a coffee instead of choosing an easier way to stay home and be lazy in the evening?

Can we say YES to a daily workout which only takes 30 mins of our time when watching TV takes more than 2 hours a day?

Can we say YES to a home-cooked dinner with healthy food without having a take-out and adding empty calories to our bodies?

Can we say YES to giving 100% of our love to the closest one without any demand or complaint?

Can we say YES to this day and night without regretting any second of it?

Can we say YES to ourselves? Every day, every month, every year of our life. Can we say YES to being alive…?

30 pairs of eyes

30 pairs of focused eyes. They are all concentrated on the task I gave them for the whole class. 30 students, 30 different lives. I see them 3 times a week, yet I do not know much about their lives outside academia. What do they love to read? What will they have for dinner tonight? All I know is their major, their attitude to class, their score, their skills in my class. Is it enough?

As an academic lecturer, I have to be professional and help my students with their studies and skills for future careers. I am not their mother, or therapist, or even their best friend. And even though there are moments and situations when a student opens up and shares some personal things with me, it is always an exception, rather than a rule. We keep it professional. Subordination.

Sometimes I wished I knew them better. I could have understood why she left the class earlier. Or why he did not want to take part in a group work in class. Why she was so upset with a “B+”. Or why he had a smile on his face for the whole class. Sometimes I want to know why he has tears in his eyes or why she has an absent-minded look. What moves them? What makes them come to class? What do they want to do in future?

I look at them and imagine their lives. Their parents, friends, and first love. I make up details in my mind – their hobbies, passion, and free time. But why? We meet 3 times a week – 3 hours together. I do not spend as much time with my friends or parents. Yet, little do I know about these 30 pairs of eyes. I wish I knew them better.