Every puppy is unique

Last week we finally met our puppy Taco. We had been preparing for him for the last 2 months, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and articles, stocking house with all the necessary pet stuff. Last week we finally met him and fell in love at first sight and sniff. Even though it has been only a week living with him, we have already learned so much about this adorable floofy doof.

Here are the things we discovered about Taco during his first week at our home:

— his coat is mostly chocolate, but he has a white spot on his chin, and it looks like he has just been eating sour cream and spilled it on himself 🐢

— when he is super excited about his hooman, he runs and gives a smooch on the lips, just like a human being πŸ’‹

— he is a big fan of flowers and plants: he cannot pass anything green without smelling and tasting it. We think he was a botanist in another life 🌿

— he loves chasing ants, and their fast moves make him really excited and playful 🐜

— when he is in an unknown situation, he gets very clingy and does want to let you go: he is a very sensitive boy 😊

— he falls asleep while we drive in a car. He is definitely a car loving puppy πŸš™

— he prefers yogurt to peanut butter and banana to apple 🍌

— he has hiccups after too much playing and being too agitated🀭

— during our walks, he has a habit of sitting down in the middle of the street refusing to go further, and it takes a lot of effort to push him to continue the walk; we still haven’t figured out what he wants to say by that πŸ€”

— he loves the sight of leaves whirling in the wind β€” it mesmerizes him πŸƒ

— in a deep sleep, he has dreams and shakes his paws as if running away from a wolf 🐾

— he loves chewing hair and beard of his owners 😈

— sometimes when he wants to sleep near you, he would put his face on your neck. We think it is an old habit of puppies sleeping on each other when being born. It is definitely something that brings him comfort and peace 😴

— overall, he is a very sweet, affectionate and people-loving puppy, but he can be naughty and mischievous at the same time. He definitely has a big personality πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

He might outgrow some of these habits in future, but we will always love every trait and every change in him. Every puppy is unique, and Taco is no exception.

To see Taco’s growth and life journey, follow his instagram @taco.labradoodle ❀️

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