I like everything beautiful. Beautiful sound of music in the headphones. Beautiful bookshelf arranged by an introverted reader. Beautiful reflection in the mirror on the days when you wake up looking good. Beautiful pop of colour on the dinner plate with a little bit of brown, green, and red. Beautiful smile of a person who has unrealistically even, perfect teeth. Beautiful movie that evokes long forgotten memories and tears you do not expect. Beautifully written sentence. Beautiful sunrise, which promises a fresh start every day. Beautiful fight that ends with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you are not. Beautiful conversation with a friend who can hear your thoughts. Beautiful paw of a puppy, all four paws. Beautiful glass of wine, making any drink taste better. Beautiful slice of bread, freshly baked by your loved one. Beautiful book that shatters your world. Beautiful presentation by someone who spent hours polishing each slide. Beautiful answer from a student, surpassing the wisdom of a teacher. Beautiful slogan of an artisan coffee shop. Beautiful joke on tiktok shared by millions of people around the globe. Beautiful snowstorm, fiercely determined to cover every piece of the ground. Beautiful couple photo, telling so much without a single word. Beautiful moment of silence after a long day of work. Beautiful feeling of being understood. Beautiful white page and the first typed word on it. Beautiful opportunity to do what you want to do in life. Beautiful life. Beautiful world. Beautiful you.

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