Happy Friday!

Just want to write a short post to wish everyone Happy Friday! This is my last class of teaching this semester, and I have a mix of feelings: excitement for more free time and sadness for saying goodbye to some amazing students this year. It has been a tough “zoom” semester for all of us, but we did it!

I click the sacred button “end meeting” and take a deep breath. No more zoom classes, no more emails, no more cameras for the next few weeks. Complete freedom NOT to use zoom if I don’t want to. The trees are getting greener outside, the birds are singing louder. And even though I have 150+ final papers to mark this and next week, I want to take this day – last day of classes – to do something that does not involve typing and staring at screen.

The sunshine outside reminds me of the much needed change in clothes and outfits. It is time to do some Spring/Summer shopping. It is time to get ready for a new season, a new mood. That’s exactly how I am going to treat myself after a very hard semester.

Yes to Friday. Yes to shopping. Yes to sun, friends, and great moments. Yes.

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