let the wind slap you on the face

Isn’t it cozy to sit on an armchair under the blanket with a laptop on your knees and watch the trees bend left and right from the ruthless wind outside? You feel so lucky to be warm inside, away from the bad mood of the weather. Is there anyone who loves wind? And not a light breeze that refreshens your sweaty body and face on a summer day, but vehement gusts of wind ready to knock you off your feet when you least expect that?

I have to admit that I do not like winds. In the area where I live, winds are common – winter, summer, or any other season. I remember when I landed in this city for the first time and exited the terminal with two heavy suitcases, the first thing that greeted me was a cold blast of wind. I thought, “how unwelcoming!” I took it personal.

Strong winds often feel personal. It is as if you have angered the weather somehow, and now it if after you. You cannot escape it – even if you turn your body away, the wind will find the moment to slap you on the face. Winds mess up with your plans, clothes, hair, and body temperature (they always make me cold). Once you are outside, they won’t leave you alone. And you have a choice – submit and follow their direction or oppose and go against it. Or you can simply stay out of the windy way, in your warm armchair, and contemplate about the existence of bad moods in weather.

We all have bad days and changing moods – cannot everything alive have that as well? Nature is allowed to be angry or upset. It can have tantrums. It can cry without reason. It does not owe anyone to always be smiling, sunny, pleasant, and accommodating. We cannot always be happy and optimistic, so why expecting it from other things? When you think about that, you realize there is nothing personal in strong winds. You cannot be frustrated with the weather as it is simply not about you.

Strong gusts of winds may not be pleasant to feel on your body, but watching this weather from the inside is like a spectacle – an inspiration for any canvas. And today it became my muse for this post.

Weather forecast for tonight: windy day and artsy mood.

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