A month of new beginnings – the end of summer hopes. The smell of cold, wet grass and yellow leaves. Dark outside, and sunless sky. Small drops of dew on face and skin. And rain boots – waiting at the entrance.

Forget about work. It’s time to snuggle. A blanket, feet to feet, and warming laughter underneath. A perfect chance to take long baths. To drink macchiato, to sip mulled wine. Forget about work. Remember, it’s September.

You say goodbye to summer shorts. No need for sunscreen, no more mosquitoes on the skin. School buses drive in all directions. Another start, another failure. Too serious, too regular.

An in-between – still time for leisure. Amazing colors. Guilty pleasures – hot chocolate and pecan pies. Fresh goals, a meaningful adventure. September is a month of wonder. The only time to stop and ponder.

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